Keeping the operator in focus

The four pillars of operator effectiveness

Operator effectiveness is fundamental to power plant performance. With the daily decisions of control room personnel directly impacting safety, production, process availability and quality, it is important to keep the operator in focus. However, with fewer operators, a generational shift in the operator workforce and increasing complexity in plant operations, it is becoming ever more challenging for operators to remain “in focus”.

To allow operators to reach their full potential, a set of best practices and technologies is presented. These solutions - the four pillars of operator effectiveness - are designed to filter out plant control complexity and situational chaos. They allow operators to quickly and effectively gather inputs and assess abnormal situations, collaborate with others as needed, and then act on the problem as smoothly and intuitively as possible.

The benefits of this approach is a better equipped operator, one who is well-trained and has greater visibility of plant issues, quick access to relevant information and streamlined workflows, all of which lead to improved, informed and timely decision-making. Ultimately, these improvements will increase plant productivity, efficiency, asset utilization, safety and environmental compliance – delivering greater profitability and company success, as the case studies in this paper show.

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