Driving decision making with big data

A roadmap for digital transformation in the power generation industry

The ability to harness massive amounts of data to create new insights for smarter decision making is now a practical opportunity.

Big Data in and of itself presents new business opportunities for industry. It's also a key enabler of a more comprehensive Digital Transformation that is having a profound impact on every form of industry today, and the power generation industry is no exception. The impetus to pursue a Digital Transformation strategy in this industry needs to be an imperative as it goes through major transitions in regulation, sources of baseload capacity, financial competitiveness versus peers, and in many cases knowledge management challenges with an aging workforce.

To succeed in this volatile environment, quicker decision making with the right information at the fingertips of the right people will be required.

An effective Digital Transformation strategy requires planning, an ability to start small and scale, an ongoing focus on Operational Excellence, and an understanding of how capabilities across people,  process, and technology combine for new business models and opportunities.

Envisioning, creating and managing Digital Transformation in any industry can prove challenging, but it is an effort the industry needs to undertake.

This eBook will guide power generation companies on how to use Big Data and other Industrial Internet of Things technologies on their path to Digital Transformation. Specifically, readers will gain a perspective on:
- What is driving the power generation industry today
- What is Digital Transformation in the power generation industry
- Why Big Data and analytics are key to Digital Transformation in this industry
- How power generators should set their strategic objectives related to these topics

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