Virtual power plants

Distributed generation is not a threat, it's an opportunity

Almost 60 percent of utility executives in 20 countries rank distributed generation as the biggest disrupter to their operations, according to a 2017 survey by Accenture, the global services company. Distributed generation, the executives predict, will reduce their revenues, increase grid faults and erode their business models.

But is distributed generation a threat or an opportunity? Virtual power plants, also known as virtual power pools, are a proven way to harness the advantages of multi-unit distributed generation. They do so across an impressive range of applications which enable:
- utilities and distributed energy companies to integrate, optimize, and trade production
- municipal utilities to balance production with consumption using day-ahead planing
- microgrids to integrate more renewables to minimize their use of fossil fuels
- industries to cut their energy costs by up to 10% without impacting production
- conventional multi-unit power plants to optimize production

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